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About Us

Criterion Therapy Center is a staff of certified medical professionals. Subsequently, we are highly motivated to help patients recover from injuries and accidents. We have served the Houston community and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Furthermore, our clinic is the fruit of honest hard work. Most noteworthy, we have garnered the respect of our patients for our craft. Also, we work hard to get an astute perspective on how pain is affecting our patient’s overall health, attitude, and daily routine. Finally, we use this perspective to develop a plan to recovery. Consequently, we measure our success by a patient’s ability to reclaim a normal routine.

The staff at Criterion Therapy Center is consist of a medical director, medical doctor, chiropractor, and certified technicians. Each staff member is integral in developing a metric for our doctors to correctly diagnose a patient’s health. To clarify, the focus of the staff is not only to alleviate the pain, but to correct the direct cause.

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Our Facility

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Materials and Equipment

Most importantly, sterilizing and maintaining effective medical supplies/equipment is the hidden commodity of Criterion Therapy Center. In short, our Medical Director complies with all regulations regarding the storage of medical supplies. Most importantly, the Medical director runs maintenance of regularly used equipment. Subsequently, we discard and replace any defective equipment or supplies. Therefore, Criterion Therapy Center is always attaining innovative ways to treat our patients. Furthermore, the ideology to Criterion Therapy Center is that we maintain a clean and welcoming facility. Lastly, we undergo and pass regular facility and health inspections. Hence our dedication to replacing bulbs in the light fixtures and removing loose threads in the carpet. Certainly, patients trust us with their health, so we go beyond measures to meet or exceed expectations.