D.O.L. Services

Department of Labor Credentialed

Criterion Therapy Center is Department of Labor credentialed. Therefore, we are certified to medically treat anyone who holds a department of labor career and has been injured on the job. Most noteworthy, we have been treating department of labor patients for several years. Similarly, as the years have passed, we have established trustworthy networks with several department of labor agencies. As a result of our dedication to excellence these networks have afforded us the opportunity to place hundreds of department of labor workers back to work at an expedited pace. For example, we have treated injured postal workers, longshoremen, T.S.A. workers, and correctional officers. Lastly, you as a patient can certainly expect an exemplary and professional environment when you come in for treatment.

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Areas of Focus


Dockworkers or longshoremen are waterfront manual laborers who are responsible for the loading and unloading of ships. Longshoremen drive forklifts, lift heavy items and carry safety equipment, therefore it is highly probable they may sustain a bodily injury.

Postal Workers

Because postal workers are constantly lifting packages they are subject to workplace injuries. However, mail carriers are often victims of dog bites and automobile accidents.

Veteran Affairs

We have subsequently treated numerous veterans and veteran affair workers. Veterans and V.A. workers are a welcomed commodity at Criterion Therapy Center. Our staff treats workplace injures for V.A. workers and post duty injuries for veterans.

Correctional Facility Workers

Correctional facility workers are subsequently subjected to physical altercations of inmates and hazardous workplace environments. As a result of these altercations and hazardous conditions many workers sustain injuries.

T.S.A. Workers

T.S.A. (Transportation Security Administration) employs more than 50,000 employees. Even more importantly is that these workers are set with the task of keep our nations transportation network safe. Sometimes the task involves strenuous muscle movements which can cause injury.

"a picture of a longshoreman"

Workplace Injuries

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Injury Recovery

Overexertion of a muscle, constant standing, habitual lifting or hazardous work conditions can all lead to workplace injuries. Most department of labor careers require one or all of these during work shifts. Statistics astronomically show that continuous strain on any body part or joint will probably result in an injury. While department of labor jobs pay well, one must practice proper safety precautions to avoid injury. In the event an injury occurs, Criterion Therapy Center is here to help. Because we can treat all types of injuries, we are able to get workers back to work quickly. Our Medical Director is also available to assist patients with any administrative paperwork. Lastly, injuries are unfortunate however patients can rest assure that we have the knowledge to help them to a full recovery. If you have a claim number please feel free to make an online appointment.