Personal Injury

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. Every day we have thousands of vehicles on the highways and side streets. Considering all the factors, a vehicle accident is bound to happen. At Criterion Therapy Center we have the staff and resources to help patients recover from automobile accidents.

Personal Injury Process


Patient makes an appointment with our Medical Director to handle the administration paperwork for the personal injury claim or fill-out the patient form here

Diagnostic Testing

Secondly, we send the patient for diagnostic testing. We do this to get an acute awareness of where the patient is ailing.

Physical Therapy

After diagnostic testing is complete we bring the patient back into the clinic. We do this to discuss recovery options. Once patient complies with treatment, we prescribe and retrieve any medication or equipment that will aid in the process.

Complete Physical Therapy

The completion of physical therapy is of the utmost importance in any personal injury claim. Although the process sometimes may be rigorous, it is necessary for full recovery.