What We Do?

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Our Services

Criterion Therapy Center provides a plethora of physical therapy services to its patients. In addition, we are innovative with our techniques. As a result of serving the Houston community for over two decades, our knowledge and services has become vast. Patients enter Criterion Therapy Center in pain. We find it to be our duty to provide services that repairs all their cognitive functions and alleviate stress. Expect our approach to be dynamic and responsive. The first objective is understanding the patient’s problem area and severity or the pain. Secondly, we develop an approach to diagnose exactly what is causing pain or irritation. Lastly, the staff begins and completes a physical therapy program that alleviates the problem. In conclusion, our conciseness to diagnose the problem area therefore creates a better plan to full recovery.

Services We Provide

Aquatic Therapy

First of all, aquatic therapy is an alternative physical therapy method that will help patients exceed a variety of goals. Patients, consequently, are placed in a heated therapeutic pool. This helps muscle metabolism, flexibility, increases circulation, and eases movement by reducing the weight bearing down on joints. Lastly, this type of therapy is typical with patients who have experienced spine injuries.

Body Adjustments

Body adjustment or chiropractic adjustment procedures are done by chiropractors. Our trained specialists use either a small instrument or their hands to apply controlled force to spinal joints. Furthermore, the objectives of this procedure is to improve spinal motion, reduce lower back pain, or in some cases reduce headaches.

D.O.T. Physicals

First of all, the law states any person operating a commercial vehicle must take a D.O.T. physical exam. However, in the medical world it is referred to as a “medical fitness for duty” examination. Lastly, the D.O.T. physical ensures that the driver is healthy and capable of successfully completing the duties of a commercial driver. The metrics are set forth by the FMCSA, hence the reason it is required to be conducted by a certified medical professional.

General Exams

Receiving a general exam or wellness checkup two to three times a year is advised. In other words, general physical examinations is more of a preventive step. During our general exams we check vitals, including blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. However, the examination is also used to check for more serious conditions like diabetes or cancer. At Criterion Therapy Center our medical staff experts will discuss further preventive measures.

Sports Physicals

Sports physical exams, known as preparticipation physical examination, help determine if it is safe for an individual to participate in a sport. Most noteworthy, is that that the majority of states and competition committees actually require a healthy physical be on record before each competitive season. In conclusion, our medical examiner performing the physical will ask questions about previous medical conditions, check all vitals, and examine all bones/joints.

Work Conditioning/Hardening

Work conditioning is an intense condition program designed to help patients regain their musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological, and systemic functions. The goal of our work conditioning program is to prevent the recurrence of the same injury and restore the patient to a full functional capacity. Work hardening is a personalized, highly structured program that we use to help individuals return to work in their pre-injury form within a timely manner.

Personal Injury Process

Personal Injury

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. Every day we have thousands of vehicles on the highways and side streets. Considering all the factors, a vehicle accident is bound to happen. At Criterion Therapy Center we have the staff and resources to help patients recover from automobile accidents.

  • 1. Injury

    Patient makes an appointment with our Medical Director to handle the administration paperwork for the personal injury claim.

  • 2. Diagnostics/Testing

    Secondly, we send the patient for diagnostic testing. We do this to get an acute awareness of where the patient is ailing.

  • 3. Physical Therapy

    After diagnostic testing is complete we bring the patient back into the clinic. We do this to discuss recovery options. Once patient complies with treatment, we prescribe and retrieve any medication or equipment that will aid in the process.

  • 4. Complete Physical Therapy

    The completion of physical therapy is of the utmost importance in any personal injury claim. Although the process sometimes may be rigorous, it is necessary for full recovery.

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We are open Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Our Friday hours are 9:00am – 2:00pm.